Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Laurel Pet Hospital in West Hollywood

Hi bloggers:)
Paris recently posted these pics on her twitter and I asked her if it would be ok to put them up here and she said yes.
I would just like to say please, there are so many animals that need a home, please try adopt instead of going to a pet store, you could save a life.

Here are pics of the animals, with captions by Paris and the number to call if you can adopt.

This is Gypsy, a beautiful black cat with captivating eyes. She is in need of a home. To adopt her call - (323) 654-7060

Here are some Adorable Little Kittens, all in need of a home. They are so cute! To adopt them, call - (323) 654-7060

Some more cute kitties in need of a home. To adopt them please call - (323) 654-7060

This Beautiful Dog is such a sweetie and is in need of a home. To adopt her call - (323) 654-7060

This is Henry, he has the sweetest personality and wants someone to love and take care of him. He is in need of a home. To adopt him call - (323) 654-7060

I hope your able to help.




  1. i like this site so much, paris is so cute!! but i need more her photo!! :P

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