Saturday, February 6, 2010

Paris wants a "big,beautiful" wedding :)

Paris has according to recent reports started dreaming of a “big, beautiful” wedding celebration with all her friends and family.
“It’s every girl’s dream to get married and have children,” she told Australian magazine New Weekly.

“It would definitely be a big affair – I have so many family members and friends and if I didn’t invite them all they’d be upset. My perfect wedding day would be big, beautiful and magical – such a special day.”

As soon as she has a ring on her finger, Paris is planning to start having children.

She wants at least two, and hopes to have an even larger brood.
“I’d definitely want at least two kids but probably three or four,” she said.

“I would love to have a boy first because when I was growing up I wished I had an older brother. Having a big brother at the same school as his younger sister, looking out for her and making sure no boys come near, sounds great.”

ParisHilton-Fan aka Kayla

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